Our History

The Apostolic Nuntiature on Anifowose Street, for a long time (between 1965 and 2002) has provided some of the Catholics who worked and lived in its vicinity, a place of worship in the quiet Chapel within the Nuntiature. The movement of the Apostolic Nuntiature to Abuja in 2002 provided a great opportunity to have a public place of worship as different from the private chapel of the Nuntiature. Thus the idea of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Victoria Island was born with a decision to build a Church at the Musa Yar’Adua end of the former Nuntiature, now known as the Lagos Resource Centre, in the year 2003. The erection of the Church edifice came about, thanks to the immeasurable efforts of Very Revd. Fr Julius Olaitan, the then Cathedral Administrator and the parishioners of the Holy Cross Cathedral, who were determined to put up a structure that is both massive in size and singular in beauty. Their enthusiasm and commitment to the project were unequaled, and by September of the year 2007, the project had reached 70% completion and fully paid for. Great credit also goes to Monsignor Paschal Nwaezeapu who took over from Fr Julius Olaitan as Cathedral Administrator. He saw to the completion of the project in 2010. Precisely on September 18, 2010, the Anthony Cardinal Okogie, the Archbishop of Lagos, dedicated the Church with the relics of St Anthony Mary Claret, the Father Founder of the Claretian Missionaries. At the dedication, the Church was raised to the status of a Quasi parish until June 29, 2011, the Feast of the Apostles Peter & Paul, when the Cardinal issued a letter in which he raised it to the status of a Parish and appointed Very Rev Fr Henry Omonisaye, cmf the Parish Priest. He was Parish Priest until November 1, 2015, when he was elected to the General Council of the Congregation. Very Revd Fr. Julius Olaitan as history would have it, was appointed by Archbishop Alfred Adewale Martins to succeed Fr Omonisaye from November 1, 2015. Our brief history shows the past, in which the commitment and sacrifice of some have led to the success which we can all attest to today. We have a responsibility to move the church on, to a glorious future. May our Lady of Perpetual Help pray for us. Amen. You are invited to worship with us whenever you can. Please click this link to see our parish activities. May our Lady of Perpetual Help pray for us. Amen.

Our Parish Anthem

With one Heart, with one Soul, with one Voice
we’re United by love, in the sacrifice of
Christ, in Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

We are seeking the face of our God, In
Charity, Service and Grace. We are living
the faith, walking hand in hand, led by the
Holy Spirit.

Parish Priest
Assistant Parish Priest
Parish Secretary